Dealer and Transporter of
Alfalfa ~ Prairie ~ Brome ~ Straw
The National Hay Association

Waechter Hay and Grain, Inc. has been in business for 35 years and is eager to fulfill your forage needs.

When purchasing your forage needs from us, we make every attempt to delivery as ordered with the intent and hope that you will be a returning customer. We personally put up the forage products we sell which come from our own meadows and contracted fields to complete the needs of our customers each forage season.

All hay is immediately stored in our barns. The steps we take from seed planting up through the storing in our barns enables us to maintain, control, and maximize the quality of our forage products.

Family Owned Run Large Trucks; Semi's
All hay is immediately stored in our barns. 24-7 year round delivery or pickup
From Start to Finish - From Fields to You!
- Sowing Seed/Baling/Storage/Delivery

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